We guarantee maximum security. Unbreakable contracts, no more lost or stolen funds.

Easy Exchange

Cash for Coins. Peer to Peer. Insured and Safe.


Unbreakable Сontracts

The solution against fraudsters with no middlemen or escrow fees.


Stay connected

Decentralized Anonymous Markets

Icon_funds protection

Insurance and Reserves

Transparent with proof of reserves. We offer double deposit insurances with Bitbay smart contracts!


Honest & Fair

The financial establishment is dishonest and deceitful. We keep it real; honest and fair.


Simple pricing

No muss, no fuss. We keep pricing fair, honest and simple.

With us the honest party always wins:
Bitcoin removed the middleman for financial payments, our tool removes the middleman from any type of agreement.


Harnessing cutting-edge cryptographic technologies to empower anyone, anywhere on the planet to access free and fair trade.
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Private Offshore Account

Better than a Swiss Number Account.

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Easy Smart Contracts

No programming skills required. Simple Point and Click.


You become an owner

Equity in GaiaVault, based on usage.

Icon_cloud mining


Make your money work with fair POS 3.0 staking process.


Private and Secure

Decentralized Anonymous Markets.

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Passive Income

We help you establish a reliable and steady passive income.

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